Here at Porsche Jacksonville, your trusted Jacksonville area Porsche brand dealer, we know how important finding the right brand is. The Porsche brand has been providing its drivers with high quality vehicles for many years, and today we are here to tell you all about its impressive history. No matter what your driving needs may be, our Porsche dealership in North Florida is here to help.

History of Porsche
One of the factors that makes the Porsche brand great is its years of history. The brand has been improving and innovating since 1948 when Ferdinand Porsche first introduced the Porsche 356, the precursor to many new Porsche cars we have today. From there, the brand continued to revolutionize the car industry, and in 1951 the Porsche 356 began to generate 60 horsepower, a truly impressive feat for the time.

By 1956, the brand really began to take off, creating many of the impressive models we know and love today. For instance, the Porsche Carrera reached 100 horsepower in 1956, making it the fastest car on the road for the time. Today, we have plenty of vehicles

History of the Models from Porsche
Many of the powerful Porsche cars we have today have a long and impressive history. For instance, the Porsche 911 was first released in 1963 and continued to improve to this day. It originally branched off from the Ferdinand "Butzi" Porsche that came out in 1959. Today, our dealership has as many as 12 unique versions of the Porsche 911, all of which are designed to give drivers a different experience.

Another popular modern Porsche is the Porsche Cayenne which also has a long and impressive history. While much newer than the Porsche 911, the Cayenne entered the market in 2003 to rave reviews. Known for its speed, power, and luxury features, the Porsche Cayenne is an excellent choice no matter what your needs may be.

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