Porsche Classic Partner

Porsche Classic shows the world the way ahead

At Porsche, tradition means knowing our roots and then going one step further.

This is why tradition and innovation are closely linked at Porsche. And also why Porsche Classic is completely committed to preserving your classic car.

At your Porsche Classic Partner, you will find experts who combine service and advice with the relevant expertise and enthusiasm.

Porsche Classic also sets visual standards: a Classic Corner in the showroom of the Porsche Classic Partner tells you at first glance that you and your classic car are at the right address.

Porsche Classic Partner organize special Classic Events and keep their customers up to date on everything to do with Porsche Classic, such as new part editions, for example.

Porsche Jacksonville is proud to be a Porsche Classic Partner:
 - Certified to service and sell classic Porsche vehicles 
- One out of 76 Porsche Classic Partners worldwide  
- The 13th Classic Partner in North America

Over 70% of all Porsche cars are still on the road today. As part of Porsche's commitment to upholding these vehicles, we offer over 60,000 Porsche Classic Parts.
Charles Loeschen
Porsche Classic Manager

Porsche Classic Premiere

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