With automotive technology rapidly evolving, the Porsche dealers at Porsche Jacksonville understand how important it is for our customers to be "in the know" regarding the latest developments - many of which are integrated into our lineup of innovative, luxurious Porsche vehicles.

Powertrains, Fuel Efficiency, and Safety Features 

  • Twin-turbocharged engine: an engine that utilizes two turbocharges to compress the intake charge. In layman's terms, this engine type often delivers better fuel efficiency than a standard engine, as well as superior acceleration. 
  • Launch control: enhances a vehicle's acceleration from a standing start. When you test drive a vehicle at our Jacksonville, FL Porsche dealership, you'll see first-hand how launch control can shave a few seconds off the car's 0 - 60 time. 
  • Adaptive cruise control: this technology keeps a vehicle at a safe following distance and speed from the vehicle in front. Uses radar and sophisticated cameras to evaluate the position and speed of the front car and adjust your car accordingly. 
  • Blind-spot monitoring: radar sensors mounted to the side-view mirrors or beneath the rear bumper canvass both sides of a vehicle and alert the driver when a vehicle has entered the vehicle's blind spot. 

Entertainment and Convenience 
  • Adaptive air suspension: offers superior ride quality compared to a traditional suspension. Electronically-controlled, this suspension type can self-level itself, raising or lowering depending on terrain/road quality. This technology traces its roots to the early 20th century and has seen consistent refinement over the last century. Can also be found on public transport vehicles. 
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control: this technology allows front passengers to adjust the vehicle's temperature in their "zone" to their own tastes. The driver has one set of controls and the passenger has another. Some Porsche SUVs offer tri-zone or quad-zone climate control, which expands this utilitarian feature to back-seat passengers. 
  • Panoramic sunroof: found on many new Porsche cars in Florida, this technology is an expansion on the standard sunroof concept first introduced in 1937. A panoramic sunroof is much larger than a standard sunroof and offers openings for passengers in the front and rear seats. 
Porsche Jacksonville, located at 10100 Atlantic Blvd. in Jacksonville, FL, looks forward to introducing you to these technologies and many more found throughout our lineup of world-class Porsche vehicles. During your full walk through and test drive, our knowledgeable Porsche dealers serving North Florida will answer all of your technology-related questions.